The Herd

Welcome to our "Herd"!

First off, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation for you considering to join this amazing community we're building. For those of you who don't know me yet, I'd like to take some time to introduce myself and family. 

My name is Jess, I'm the Founder of RR Farmacy, Root & Petal Farmacy, and Co-Founder of Raising em' Right Homestead. I run the businesses alongside my incredibly supportive husband, Josh, who heavily believes in ALL my dreams, and ability to accomplish them all! We have 3 amazing children, Sunday, Brooklyn, and Jaxon, who keep us on our toes every single day. 

I have been many things in this life, from owning an Art Gallery, owning a Salon, and now a full-time Homesteader, Creator, and Teacher. Living off the land has always called to me, even while living in the heart of the city in Minneapolis. We are now in a position where we can provide for our family and those who want to enjoy the fruits of our labor...quite literally. 

Our life, as many others, have changed drastically over the past 2 years and we've been blessed to be where we are today. We moved our city kids to Michigan and started our very own farm. We have slowly grown a following on Instagram and YouTube, and now are finally ready to take things further with our own "Herd". 

What does being part of the "Herd" mean? Great question! When you join our Herd, you're able to receive exclusive early access to new product drops, email updates, discounts on orders, inclusion in gift giveaways, and much more. 

Our goal is not just to build a community here, but to help spread what we learn as a Herd to others around the country in an effort to educate the goodness that comes from natural products provided by Mother Nature. 

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